VEERALIN®LN - How it works

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VEERALIN®LN - How it works

Mosquitoes develop resistance to insecticides over a period of time. Mosquitoes have the ability to enzymatically degrade (metabolize) the insecticides using enzymes secreted in their body. On continuous usage of the same insecticide for a long period the mosquitoes start over-expressing the enzymes that are responsible for detoxification of insecticides. Hence, the insecticide such as a pyrethroid will become ineffective in knocking down the mosquitoes and the resistance thus developed is known as metabolic resistance and also referred to as knockdown resistance (kdr).

To overcome this, if Piperonyl butoxide(PBO) that is capable of binding to the metabolic enzymes is used along with a pyrethroid insecticide, then PBO attaches itself to the degrading enzyme in mosquitoes and inhibits the detoxification of pyrethroid (insecticide). As degradation of pyrethroid in mosquito’s body in inhibited,

the biological activity of the pyrethroid insecticide is sustained over a longer period. Thus, the PBO in VEERALIN®LN increases the bio-efficacy of pyrethroid insecticide. This acts as a synergist by binding itself to the detoxifying enzymes. It may be noted that the synergist PBO by itself is not an insecticide and does not posses any insecticidal activity (knockdown or mortality), but enhances the activity of pyrethroid insecticides.

The lethal combination of Alpha cypermethrin and PBO incorporated into VEERALIN®LN filaments knocks down and kills pyrethroid resistant mosquitoes sitting on it. Apart from providing strong physical barrier due to high density polyethylene monofilament, VEERALIN®LN gives a far better chemical protection to people sleeping under it and is 100% safe.

Controlled Release Technology

VEERALIN®LN - A Polyethylene LN Containing Alpha - Cypermethrin and PBO

  • Reservoir of insecticide in the fiber core
  • True controlled release of insecticide molecules from fiber core to its surface

  • Insecticide lost from surface on washing is replenished from the reservoir within
  • After 20 washes: Bioefficacy is 90-95% of new VEERALIN®LN
Sustained bioefficacy and high denier HDPE make VEERALIN®LN really long lasting