MAGNet®LN - Features

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MAGNet®LN - Features

MAGNet® is one of the most dependable brands, protecting millions of lives around the world from vector borne diseases.

  • One of the earlier ready-to-use LLINs distributed across the globe.
  • Developed as Pyrethroid only LLIN to help prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Made entirely of high-density polyethylene for durability.
  • Conducted studies on the shelf-life, efficacy and toxicity profile across the globe under field and laboratory conditions.



With a 150 denier yarn and a 400 kPa high bursting strength, MAGNet® LN has a five thread over locking stitch with two seams for unsurpoassed protection.

Green Product


MAGNet® LN is manufactured using less energy, and packed in oxo-biodegradable plastic bags. The nets can also be recycled, thus leaving lesser carbon foot print.

Long Lasting


Our true controlled release technique, utilised in MAGNet®LN to guarantee the bio-availability on the fabric surface, ensures the insecticide lasts even after 25 washes.



The broad spectrum insecticide (alpha-cypermethrin) used by MAGNet®LN is effective against the majority of common species of mosquitoes. Even after 25 washes, MAGNet®LN retains 85% of the AI, and the death rate is >80%.

Assured Quality


In-house testing facilities for both physical and chemical properties, and robust quality management in each and every stage of manufacturing.

Ready to Use


MAGNet® LN is a single-pyrethroid, ready-to-use LLIN that regenerates completely after washing in just 24 hours and doesn't need any further heat treatment to speed up regeneration.

MAGNet®LN - Advantages

  • Withstands harsh washings (typical washing style in villages). Only the a.i. concentrations on the surface of the yarn is depleted no matter how harsh the washing is. Major portion of A.I. is impregnated into the fibre. Therefore lesser loss of a.i. leading to more efficient long term protection. Less dumping of hazardous material into environment.
  • High performance and durability. Gives very long life up to 3 years
  • Extra Safe. Safer for children use. A major portion of the A.I. is not on the surface of the yarn but incorporated inside the fiber.
  • WHO Prequalified.